How to listen

Life’s complicated enough already.
Podcast listening shouldn’t be.

Listen onLINE

You can listen to every episode right here on this magical website!

  1. Head over to episodes and choose an episode you like.

  2. Each episode page has a podcast player. Just click play and crank up the volume!

  3. You can also search for a podcast title in our site navigation bar at the top.

This website is great, but we’re guessing that what you really want is for us to do the work for you…

Never miss an episode

We can send you (un-annoying) notifications so you never miss out. There are two ways to get updates for new episode automatically:

Option 1: Subscribe via email


We’ll email you when a new episode comes out (every other week).


Our emails DO include:

  • Quick book summaries

  • Links to listen to the newest episode (on any device)

  • Occasional bonuses or giveaways, exclusively for email subscribers (woot!)

Our emails DON’T include:

  • Spam

  • Boring stuff

  • Inbox floods (we only email twice a month)


Option 2: Notifications on your device


If you’d rather get notifications through a dedicated podcast app on your phone, just follow the instructions below:


Unless you’re a pro and have your own favorite player, we’d recommend you stick to Apple Podcasts. It’s free and already installed on your device. (The best kind of app!)

  1. Click here to open Book Smart in Apple Podcasts

  2. Click “Subscribe” to make sure new episodes go right to your Library.

  3. While you’re there, if you scroll down a bit, you can rate us five-stars. Those ratings are really helpful to us; they let Apple know that great listeners like you enjoy our show, and that enables us to expand our reach in search results. Thank you!

  4. Or, just ask Siri to subscribe you! Next time you’re listening to an episode of Book Smart, just say, “Hey Siri, subscribe to this show!”


Again, unless you have a favorite podcast app, we recommend you stick with Google Play or Google Podcasts.

  1. Click here to open Book Smart in Google Play

  2. Click “Subscribe” to make sure new episodes go right to your Library.